Call Committee Updates

The voters met, discussed, and extended a call.

The voters meeting has been rescheduled to Jun 7th, gathering restrictions permitted, to discuss, decide, and call a pastor for Grace.

The Call Committee has completed their selection work, and have scheduled a special voters meeting for April 19th to discuss, decide and call a pastor for Grace.

The Call Committee has received candidate paperwork from the district and is reviewing the provided information to prepare a list of candidates for congregational consideration.

All congregational nominations and church profile information forms have beens submitted to the district for review. We are now waiting for the district to complete the next step of the process and return a list of potential candidates with biographical information to us. The district can take six to eight weeks to complete this step depending on their workload.

After a lengthy discussion of the results from the congregational survey, the voting members present at the November 22nd Voters Meeting decided to call our new pastor from the field.

The call committee is now accepting nominations from the congregation for pastors in the field that should be considered along with nominations from our District offices.

Anyone interested in nominating a pastor for consideration can download a form ⟹here⟸, or pick up a paper copy from the table in the narthex at Grace. Nominations will be accepted through January 19th, 2020.

Our Call Process In Brief

  • Vacancy Pastor found.
  • Call Committee appointed.
  • Congregational Survey Completed.
  • Voters decided to call from the field rather than the seminary.
  • Accept Nominations & Complete church profile information.
  • Submitted congregational nominations and names to District Offices.
  • Receive District nominations and biographical information from the District.
  • Call Committee peforms initial vetting of potential call candidates.
  • Call Committee releases short list of candidates for congregational review/objection.
  • Voting members discuss finalists and decide on a single candidate.
  • Call Committee completes paperwork and the congregation officially extends a call to the selected candidate.
  • Called candidate considers and accepts or rejects the call.
  • If accepted, Grace starts the process to welcome the new pastor.
  • If declined, Voters meet again to discuss and select a new candidate to call. The process repeats until a pastor accepts.